Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cam23 2.0

Welcome to the Cam23 2.0 blog! Due to the massive success of last year's programme, we will be running a 23 Things programme again in Cambridge this summer. We will begin with the first Thing on 20th June and run through until 19th September.

I didn't take part last year, what's this 23 Things stuff all about?
23 Things is a self-directed course designed to introduce University of Cambridge UL, faculty and college library staff to Web 2.0 technologies. The aim is for staff to spend a little time each week over 14 weeks exploring online tools for communication, promotion, and new ways of working. Throughout the course the practical application and relevance of the tools to the library setting will be explored. Each week we will introduce you to one or two Things. To take part in the programme all you need to do is to explore the Things with our guidance, and then blog about them as a way of reflecting on and sharing what you've learnt. Don't worry if you've never blogged before, that will be one of the very first Things!

But I already did all of this last year!
With you in mind, we have added one "Extra Thing" each week. If you feel confident with everything you learnt last year, you can just do the extras. If you feel you need to brush up on some or all of the things, you are most welcome to do it all over again - and since social media changes so quickly, you may find some things are different from last year!

At the end of the programme, everyone who has completed it will get a certificate and be entered into a prize draw. (If you're not a member of the University's library staff you can still take part, but won't be eligible for the prize draw unfortunately!) To kick off the programme we will be having a launch party, check back soon as more information on that will be coming up...

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  1. glad the programme is running again, a great way to keep in touch with trends and people