Friday, 27 May 2011

The 23 Things (and a few extra...)

Here's an idea of what's coming up! As you can see there are the 23 Things and then there is an Extra Thing each week. The idea is that you can choose to do the 23 Things, or just the Extra Things, or you can do the whole lot if you're feeling brave!

Week 1 (20th June)
Getting started
Thing 1 - Create Google account, iGoogle start page
Thing 2 - Create blog (we register them all and add them to the blogroll)
Extra Thing - Ways to make blog look awesome - templates, widgets etc.

 Week 2 (27th June)
Keeping up to date/information cultivation
Thing 3 - RSS feeds
Thing 4 - Twitter
Extra Thing - Twitter apps e.g. TwitPic, Twapperkeeper, Twuffer, and platforms such as Seesmic, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite

Week 3 (4th July)
Sharing your work
Thing 5 - Screenshots including Lightshot browser add-on
Thing 6 - Screencasts

Week 4 (11th July)
Organising yourself
Thing 7 - Doodle
Thing 8 - Google Calendar
Extra Thing - add library books feed to Google Reader and Google Calendar

Week 5 (18th July)
Organising yourself cont.
Thing 9 - Google Docs
Thing 10 - Pushnote/Evernote
Extra Thing - Dropbox

Week 6 (25th July)
Thing 11 - Reflection week

Week 7 (1st August)
Thing 12 - Social bookmarking tools
Thing 13 - LibraryThing
Extra Thing - Tags in blog 

Week 8 (8th August)
Social media
Thing 14 - Facebook
Thing 15 - LinkedIn
Extra Thing - Short blogging/media sharing sites e.g. Tumblr & Posterous 

Week 9 (15th August) 
Photos, Video and Audio
Thing 16 - Flickr
Thing 17 - Podcasts
Extra Thing - Creative Commons Licensing

Week 10 (22nd August)
Thing 18 - Reflection week 

Week 11 (29th August)
Presentation tools
Thing 19 - Slideshare
Thing 20 - Prezi
Extra Thing - Data Visualisation e.g. Gliffy and Wordle 

Week 12 (5th September)
Organising yourself even more!
Thing 21 -  Reference management including Zotero and Endnote
Extra Thing - TeuxDeux and other lists 

Week 13 (12th September)
Thing 22 - Wikis
Extra Thing - QR codes 

Week 14 (19th September)
Thing 23 - Reflection week


  1. I was actually a participant in the very first "23 things" program, conducted by Helene Blowers at the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2006. I'm now library manager at Cambridge & Peterborough Foundation Trust, based at the Ida Darwin site in Fulbourn. I'm very much looking forward to taking part, and seeing how the 23 Things are done here.

  2. Thanks for commenting Ian, looks like we've got a lot to live up to then! Will you be coming to the launch event on Friday?