Sunday, 25 September 2011

That's all folks!

Well done to everyone who has completed the Things. If you haven't finished yet, don't worry, we will keep this blog open and you can work your way through at your own pace.

On Thursday evening we held our closing event at the Museum of Classical Archaeology. During the evening we announced the winners of the Cam23 Awards. And heeeere they are!

Best Blog Title
Runners up: 'Cardies and Tweed'
                   'Gareth 2.0'
                   'Views from the 'LibRhi'
Winner: Heather Lane with 'The Magic Lantern'

Best Blog Post
Runner up: Gareth 2.0 - Thing 10 
Winner: Jenny Sargent with Murmuration - Reflections on Blogging

Most Supportive 'Thinger'
Runners up: Becky Woods
                   Jenny Sargent
Winner: Suzan Griffiths (Wild Venture)

Best Blog
Runners up: Alliteration Station
                  Wee Bookworm
Winner: Gareth Burgess with Gareth 2.0

The final thing we would like you to do is to take a moment to fill in this feedback survey, so that we can evaluate the programme. I know you have done a lot of reflection already, so the survey is only a short one!

Photos taken by Annie Johnson and Becky Woods


  1. Hello! Rather belated, but the first post said people who completed the programme would receive a certificate at the end. I don't think this has been mentioned since. Will there be certificates? I don't want to be pushy about this :)

  2. Oh well remembered! To be perfectly honest I think we all forgot about this, I'll email round the team to see if we can rustle something up!