Monday, 19 September 2011

Thing 23: Reaching Cam23Thing Nirvana

Now arriving at Thing 23, which is where this programme terminates.
All reflect please, all reflect...

So it's reflection time again, but this time, you can sit back, relax, and gaze out over the landscape of all the new web 2.0 tools you can now use. 

But first ...
We'd like you to check the list of 23 Things and make sure you have blogged about each one, preferably with an evaluation of each Thing either for libraries or your personal and professional development. You've got a bit of time though - you need to be finished (or as close to as possible) by the end of next week (Friday 23rd September)

Now reflect upon...
Things which made you smile
Things which have become a part of the way you live and work
Things which you'll never go near again
Web 2.0 and social media more generally - what role do they really play within libraries and information services?

...and don't forget to write this all down!

In fact, as well as writing it down, how about turning it into a beautiful word cloud with:

1. Go to Wordle and click on "Create".
2. Paste in the URL of your blog, click submit and watch for the result (this may take a few minutes, especially if you have posted lots). You can restrict the content to a single post if you prefer: just enter the specific URL of that post, rather than the general URL for your blog.
3. You can play with the display using the toolbar at the top until you are happy with it, but don't navigate away from the page or you will lose it. If this happens, just re-submit the copy.
4. When you are happy with your word cloud, simply take a screenshot of it, save it as an image format, and upload it to your blog, where it should look something like this:

Is that all?
Not quite. The end of programme party will take place in the Museum of Classicial Archaeology in the Faculty of Classics on Thursday 22nd September at 5.30pm. We'd be very grateful if you could register your attendance on the form here or by emailing Annie at

We will also be handing out a few special prizes in the following categories:
  • Best blog
  • Best blog post
  • Best blog title
  • Most supportive "Thinger"

So that's a little more reflection for you to do - have a look through some of your favourite blogs from throughout the programme and nominate your winners using the form here.

Where did that curtain come from?
Lastly, but by no means leastly, CONGRATULATIONS on surviving 14 weeks of relentless techy torture and, hopefully, learning one or two useful things for future use, personally or professionally.

As a treat (and what a treat), here's the man himself to sing us out...

Thanks to Sarah Stamford for more than a little inspiration and for the Wordle instructions

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