Thursday, 25 August 2011

And now...the end is near...and so let's have a party!

Don't worry just yet, you have a month to catch up with the programme (and do the remaining Things, of course!) but we've got a date for your diaries even so:

The Cam23 2.0 End of Programme Party

will be held at

The Museum of Classical Archaeology 
(upstairs in the Classics Faculty)
Sidgwick Site


Thursday 22nd September
from 5.30pm (the main door to the Faculty will lock at 6.15pm, so please arrive before then!)

This event will be a great opportunity to meet even more Cam23Thingers face to face, to share that sense of achievement and, of course, find out who's got lucky in our prize draw! There may also be one or two other surprises, but I couldn't possibly say...

What we would ask you to do, however, if you wish to attend, is to email Annie at or fill in the form below so that we have an idea of numbers:

We very much hope that you can come and rub shoulders with Dionysios, Athena, and your fellow librarians!

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