Monday, 22 August 2011

Week 10, Thing 18 : Reflection Week

Reflecting at the Faculty of Classics

Well done everyone for reaching week 10 and the second of three reflection weeks. Or as I like to think of it a chance to catch up on those things still waiting to be done.  As we are well over half way through now you will all have developed or still be developing your reflective style.  The 23 things programme asks you to use and reflect on a number of web 2.0 tools.  You may not even have realised you were reflecting as you went along so in many ways thing 18 is already accomplished.  You will have been asking some of the standard reflective practice questions such as why am I using this, what have I learned and how will I apply it. 

You may choose to add the thing 18 tag to one of your other blogs where you have already reflected or write a separate post, perhaps on
  • what you have gained from this programme so far (it doesn't have to be a specific thing but more general)
  • which thing you particularly liked or disliked
  • which of the forthcoming things you really can't wait to try (the things are listed here)
If you would like to share your reflections with other people on the programme, ask a burning question on one of the things or just meet for a drink and a chat then come along to the University Centre Grads Cafe tonight at 6pm for an informal get together.

This is a reflection/catch up week rather than a blog on reflective practice but if anyone is interested in more information on this then there are plenty of links and information at the cpd23 blog post.  

I started with a photograph of the glass doors of the Faculty of Classics.  This seemed an appropriate image as it showed a reflection and part of the motivational Euripidean quote on the door.  The full quote can be translated as "happy is the man who has gained knowledge through inquiry" (Fragments, translated by Christopher Collard and Martin Croop. Loeb Classical Library, no. 504, p.227, fragment 910).  So by the end of this programme you will all hopefully be ecstatic from the new knowledge that you have gained!

Next week
You will be learning about the presentation tools slideshare and prezi as well as an extra thing on data visualisation.

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