Monday, 25 July 2011

Week 6, Thing 11: Reflection

Just one 'thing' this week - not a shiny online tool to play with, not a download or a widget in sight - but a chance to catch our breaths, to catch up and to meet up.

Whether you're doing these 'things' for the first time or refreshing your knowledge, try and take a bit of time this week to think about how it's going.
  • What have you learned that's new?
  • What have you enjoyed about '23 things' so far?
  • Which of the things do you love/hate?
  • Which ones will you carry on using?
  • Can you incorporate the things you're learning on this programme into your (working) life?
Use your blog to share your thoughts, chat to colleagues or come along and reflect with some other 23Thingers at the B Bar from 6pm tonight.

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